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Urgent Care in Redondo Beach

When you need  urgent care redondo beach, California, you can often face long wait times and questionable medical care. While you can find many walk-in clinics throughout the Los Angeles area, you can also consider House Call Doctor Los Angeles, which operates out of your home. You can avoid the long wait times and questionable medical care at the urgent care clinic by making an appointment with a concierge doctor instead. This clinic accepts Medicare and most PPO plans.

With over 930 million users worldwide, Moovit makes it easy to find the best bus, light rail, or train time for your trip to Exer Urgent Care in Redondo Beach. This free app makes it easy to find the right bus, train, or light rail time for your needs. And it makes commuting to Exer Urgent Care in Redondo Beach even easier, with easy-to-read directions and real-time schedules.

House Call Doctor Los Angeles is a medical concierge service that will bring a board-certified doctor to your home. This unique service is unlike any urgent care in Redondo Beach. Instead of a doctor coming to your home, you’ll be seen by a board-certified physician in less than an hour. The doctor will be able to assess your medical needs and offer appropriate treatment to treat your condition. House Call Doctor Los Angeles is led by Dr. Michel Farzam, who is passionate about providing patients with the highest quality medical care.

First Aid Urgent Care provides a convenient, affordable, and quick treatment for minor illnesses and injuries. This ready care clinic in Redondo Beach is the perfect alternative to an ER. The clinic is staffed by trained staff and has the capability to provide treatment for common minor injuries and illnesses. Best of all, you don’t have to schedule an appointment at an ER. All you need to do is show up and get treated.

While urgent care is convenient for patients who need immediate attention, it doesn’t replace your primary health care provider. Your primary care provider will look out for your future health, manage your medications, discuss health screenings, and discuss your prevention plans. If you already have a primary care provider, you can establish care with an urgent care center and schedule follow-up visits. Urgent care centers can share patient records electronically with your primary care provider, so they can know your medical history.

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