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Private detectives in Spain with guarantees. Arga Group

Private detectives in Spain with guarantees. Arga Group

Grupo Arga Detectives is a private detective agency with extensive experience in the field of investigation and based in different regions of Spain, including Madrid.  We provide investigation services to companies and individuals. One of our main objectives is to obtain evidence that can be presented in court, with all the legal and judicial guarantees.

Our private detectives in Spain have the most technologically advanced equipment to provide services of the highest quality. All our specialists also receive continuous training in the areas of private security and investigation.

One of our guarantees to obtain the best results is that we can trust our private detectives in Spain, because that way we know the city perfectly , so traveling by any means will not be an obstacle when it comes to obtaining evidence to solve your case .

Why a private detective with all the guarantees in Spain?

must hire a private detective in Spain as we are the only experts capable of thoroughly investigating cases of various kinds according to a methodology matured over time.

Another reason to hire detectives in Spain is that we use state-of-the-art technology that is regularly updated, which allows us to achieve objectives that others cannot.

The results of the investigation of the detectives are provided to the client in a document that contains detailed and specific information in most cases with images and videos obtained during the investigation fully possible presented in court.

These are the most relevant reasons why hiring a private detective is a great idea to solve various problems, and at Grupo Arga Detectives we are, without a doubt, the best private detectives in Spain.

Grupo Arga, Private Detective in Spain with Guarantee

Private detectives in Spain develop their professional activity to collect evidence at the request of a party with the utmost rigor and absolute compliance with the laws that have been dictated to them. enacted.

Grupo Arga develops its specialization within the framework of a multidisciplinary plan , making complete private investigation services available to its clients . We carry out research related to the topics: Spouse, family, work, company, economy, technology, etc.

Here is some of the research we do on a daily basis:

• Partner infidelity

• Surveillance of minors

• Compulsory pensions

• Immigration

• Breach of access regime

• Modification of regulations conciliation measures

• Use of the family home

• Unfair dismissal

• Star copy work

• Unfair competition

• Absence from work

• Location and detection of eavesdropping

• Location of goods and properties

• Location of people and addresses

• Fraud, insolvency, etc.

If you need more information about your particular case , contact us without any commitment.

Commitment of private detective services in Spain

In order to hire detective services in Spain or any other city in Asturias as required by applicable law, it is necessary to have legitimate interests . It is understood above that the person hiring services must have a direct relationship with the person or thing.

, a service contract will be established between the Client and the Detective Agency. Once the previous step has been carried out, the survey is registered in the Authorization Registry for this purpose and has full legal validity.

Subsequently, a personal interview will be held with the contractor , in order to gather all the necessary information and draw up an investigation route appropriate to the needs of the investigation in order to achieve the objectives originally set.

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