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Fun Activities For Kids Valentine’s Day

Kids valentines cards don’t have to be full of candy. You can include fun activities such as a maze or origami challenge. You can also include a game or fortune-telling predictor. This way, your child will have fun opening and playing their new card. It’s sure to be a hit with friends and family!
Printable valentines

If you want to give your kids something different this Valentine’s Day, you can create your own printable valentines day cards for kids. You can create cute cards in the shape of cartoon characters or animals. Some great ideas include owls and crazy straws. Other options include llamas, candy hearts, and even squishy heart valentines. These are great stress relievers, and are also fun to give to children with small hands.

You can also use your kids’ favorite characters or movies as a theme. For example, if your child loves the movie “Star Wars,” you can print out Star Wars valentines. If you don’t want to spend much money, you can also make pirate Valentines that will be a hit with your child’s class. Or, for something a little spooky, you can create monster valentines. Your child will love receiving these cards, and you can attach a lollipop or some other treat to them as a treat.
Disney Princesses valentines

Disney Princesses valentines cards for children are a fun and creative way to send a Valentine’s Day card. These adorable valentine cards feature the Disney princesses in different designs. The inside of the cards fold out into a fortune teller for a personal touch.

Disney Princesses valentines cards can be purchased online or at your local craft store. You can even find themed cards and kits. If your child is especially into the Disney Princesses, you can purchase a Disney Princess valentines gift box for her. The box contains many fun treats, including Disney princess coloring books (48 pages), Disney secret journal books, and more. This box measures 14 inches long by 11 inches wide and weighs about three pounds.
Applesauce cup valentines

Applesauce cups are easy to make a wonderful homemade gift. You can make them in minutes and give them to friends and family for Valentine’s Day. This kit includes a printable supply list and instructions for making the cups. It also includes a sheet with 4 Valentine’s Day cards. All you need to do is attach the cards to the applesauce cups and they are ready to give.

To make the cards more exciting, you can also include play dough to make them more fun! Applesauce is a healthy alternative to candy and is allergy friendly for children. The printable labels are simple to make and can be attached to applesauce cups or containers.
Lego valentines

If you’re looking for an activity to make with your children for Valentine’s Day, look no further than a LEGO Valentine. There are printable versions of this cute card available for free online. Print them out, decorate them, and sign them – the possibilities are endless! You can even print them with a simple ABS 3d printer!

LEGO valentines are great to give as gifts or to pass out to friends and classmates. They’re also easy to make and can double as a birthday party favor!


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